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The progressive city of Kobe aims to achieve “Human x Smart” urban development

Kobe, a progressive city of modernization

When it opened its port to international trade in 1868, Kobe became Japan’s gateway to the world and has been widely connected with foreign countries ever since. In an environment that facilitates early relationships with world cultures and economies, we have introduced a number of products and services in a progressive manner.

Culturally, Kobe has become an artistic city—a base for fashion and jazz culture. Economically, many active economic activities branched out from the Port of Kobe, which once boasted the world’s largest number of containers and prospered as one of the world’s leading international trade ports. The city has also promoted proactive initiatives such as the launching of the Port Liner, the world’s first unmanned public transport (founded in 1981) that connects Port Island—which was the world’s largest manmade island upon completion—with the city center of Sannomiya.

In recent years, Kobe has been accelerating its advanced initiatives using cutting-edge technology: successfully carrying out the world’s first successful retinal sheet transplantation using iPS cells, as well as utilizing the world’s first thermoelectric supply from 100% hydrogen in urban areas.

Kobe, a progressive city of disaster prevention

The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995, resulting in tremendous damage to the Kansai area, especially in the city of Kobe. It required substantial labor and time to recover from the disaster.

Kobe recovered from these circumstances through continuous support for disaster victims and reconstruction assistance. Through this experience, we were reminded of the importance of human connections and mutual aid, and we came to create a human-centered climate in our city.

Kobe, a progressive city of problem-solving

At the same time, Kobe has a strong sense of crisis as a progressive city.

Among the government ordinance-designated cities in Japan, Kobe is facing the most rapid decline in population and birth rate, as well as an increasing aging population. The city’s population fell below that of Fukuoka city in 2015, and then Kawasaki city in 2019.

Kobe is now offering its prized sea and mountains as fields for developing services that can solve various problems.

The city is providing an environment that can handle implementation for solving the different problems present in various regions in Japan, and in turn, develop services that can solve the problems in the world.

Join us in creating a “Human x Smart” city that reflects the new era. Come to Kobe, a problem-solving city!

Creating a “Human x Smart” city
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