About company selection

I. About target projects

Targeted areas, themes, a general idea of implementation

Sea Field: Port Island

– Improving convenience in the office district ⇒ Unmanned convenience stores
– Complementing the “last mile” of public transportation ⇒ Electric micromobility
– Implementing smart transportation equipment ⇒ “Smartification” of traffic lights, street lights, and pedestrian guidance
– Smart distance learning that can reach everyone ⇒ Providing VR classes to hospitalized patients

Mountain Field: Mt. Rokko

– Progressive utilization of idle facilities ⇒ Implementation as offices
– Experimenting with a wide area network in mountainous areas ⇒ Experimental implementation of wireless and 5G networks
– Implementing safe and “smart” mountain trails ⇒ Provide safety assurance services using IoT

Art Area

– Collaboration of advanced technology and art

*Please consider the possibility of linking data with other businesses, and make it possible to share the data acquired through the project.
*Not limited to the ideas shown above. You may also independently survey and select issues in each field and freely propose any corresponding businesses.

Ⅱ. Schedule

Friday, September 20, 2019:

Beginning of proposal submissions

Friday, October 18:

Deadline for submission of proposal information

During October:

Proponent presentation and screening / selection by the selection committee

Early November

Notification / publication of selection results

November to March of the following year:

Implementation of projects by the selected companies

Ⅲ. Regarding the city’s support for the selected businesses

We will provide various support such as making adjustments with the parties involved in the implementation of the project in the field for introduction, facilitating cooperation between businesses, aiding in application for deregulation, and
promoting the publicity of the business.

Ⅳ. Eligibility

Those who are eligible to apply must satisfy all of the following items.

1. The proposing company and the members of the consortium must have licenses or qualifications necessary for the project
2. The proposing company and the consortium members must not fall under any of the following items at the time of application:
① Those who have filed a petition for commencement of rehabilitation proceedings under the Corporate Reorganization Law or a rehabilitation proceeding under the Civil Rehabilitation Law (does not apply if a reorganization plan authorization
decision or rehabilitation plan authorization decision has been made)
② Those who are in the nomination suspension period due to the nomination suspension of qualified bidders based on the Kobe nomination standard
③ Those who have not paid or are behind on the municipal tax or corporate municipal tax that has already been billed.
④ Those part of an organized crime group established in Article 2 of the law concerning the prevention of criminal acts by organized crime groups, or holding a close relationship with organized crime groups
3. Be able to perform necessary cooperation and adjustment after consultation with the city regarding the time and scope of the publication of the proposal.
4. Be able to give presentations on the proposal, explain the proposal, and answer questions at the selection committee established by Kobe City.
5. If selected, start the project promptly and be able to cooperate and coordinate as necessary after consultation with the city.
6. Do not include political or religious proposals.
7. Do not include proposals that violate public order and morals.

* Applicants’ proposals that do not clearly meet the above requirements will not be considered for selection. In addition, if it is found that the above conditions are not satisfied after selection, the selection may be
canceled altogether. In addition, in case of a cancellation of selection, there may be cases where the committee may select from the proposals that have been rejected in the selection process.

Ⅴ. Application method (Application deadline: Friday, October 18, 2019, 17:30)

Proponents must submit their company overview and proposal details to the office using the application form below.

*Submitted information will not be used for purposes other than selection. (Unless there is a request for disclosure based on the information-disclosure ordinance)

Ⅵ. Selection method

1. Preliminary examination
(1) Based on the submitted materials, we will examine whether the proposer meets the requirements for eligibility, and whether the proposed project meets the project requirements.
(2) The office will notify each proposing company of the results of the preliminary examination.

2. Presentation from the proposing company and proposal examination
(1) At the selection committee set up by the city, the proposing company will give a presentation about their proposal.
(2) The selection committee reviews the business details and selects businesses accordingly.
(3) The office will notify the proposing company of the selection results.
(However, we will not respond to inquiries regarding the details of the examination)

* Each proposal will be evaluated from the following perspectives: “project effectiveness,” “pioneering aspect of the project and well-formedness,” “project feasibility / continuity,” and “ability to execute the project.”

Ⅶ. Other considerations

1. Acceptance of application guidelines
Proposers will be deemed to have accepted the contents of this application guideline by submitting their proposal information.

2. Proposal cost burden
The cost required for the proposal shall be paid by the proposing business.

3. Copyright
Proposal information for entry and copyright of proposal information belong to the proponent. However, the city may use the proposal information to the extent that is necessary, such as for publication of the examination results. The
attribution of deliverables resulting from the project will be determined through discussion as necessary.

Ⅷ. Office (contact information)

Department in charge: Kobe City Planning and Coordination Bureau “Be Smart KOBE” Office

Address: 6-5-1 Kano-cho, Chuo Ward, Kobe 650-8570

Email address: besmartkobe@office.city.kobe.lg.jp

Ⅸ. Application form

Recruitment has ended